Fear/Anxiety: Release

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Renee Gill

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.22.12 PMThe weight of the world sometimes feels like it is unbearable. Let’s talk about this. We all feel this weight at some point in our lives.  I face a lot of fears and anxiety about the unknown, especially in the current state of the world.  Truth be told, fear has been a constant struggle in my life for quite a while.  The typical life plan – get married, buy a house, have kids, etc. – is not exactly how my life has gone. Remember the board game LIFE??  It depicts a series of ordered, predictable life events and many of us grow up dreaming of how those same events will play out in our own lives. I feel like my LIFE game board has had extra mazes and paths, not necessarily negative, just not what I imagined, or would be considered “typical.”  If I’m being honest, some of those paths have created struggles, resulting in extra stress.  For example, not buying a house or being able to settle in a community permanently, not having financial security in the way I had hoped, and not being quite sure about decisions that need to be made surrounding my children’s future.  With not knowing exactly what the end of my personal game of LIFE looks like, or even which path I should take next, it is sometimes difficult to trust as I spin the wheel each day making decisions on where to go or how many spaces to move. 

Throughout my journey though, I know that God is ultimately in control. I know He will hold me safely through this time of uncertainty. BUT I still have emotions… Just like you,  I am human and the pressure of whatever I am feeling creates an emotional response. I know it is normal, but I need to recognize and work through those emotions in a healthy way. I feel it is so important to value that emotional process. So many of us hide these swirling emotions behind a smile and a façade that communicates to others “everything is fine.”  But frankly, it is okay to admit that sometimes we are not “fine.” 

Along with going to God in prayer, I have found that it helps so much if I talk about my fears, emotions, and struggles with someone close to me. Finding that trusted friend who won’t judge me at a moment where I am blubbering out emotions and words that may not be rational is a huge help. The process of venting or sharing helps me get back to the moment where I can be calm and press on in life. I don’t know about you, but being blessed with a compassionate listener, who can also speak words of God’s truth to me during my most vulnerable moments, gives me the release I truly need.  Only then can I put my big girl pants back on and move on to the next day. I found this verse in Proverbs and it is my new favorite! 

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.

Proverbs 12:25

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 5.36.51 PMThis image of balloons lifting the heart is such a great visual to me! Those who know me, know that I love sharing kindness. Random acts of kindness, random encouraging words, random calls or texts that let people know I am thinking about them. We never know who is feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. Or who may be feeling helpless and overwhelmed with the weight of anxiety. Through God’s Word, we learn that our kind words can cheer up that deflated soul! We can all apply this verse from scripture as we go about our day! Share a kind word and lift each other up. I also find that sharing kindness actually lifts me up as well and releases the weight of some of my own anxiety. How about that?! You can help yourself while helping others! That’s a no brainer! 

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 12.15.14 AMSo today, if you are feeling weighed down by fear or anxiety, I urge you to pause a moment and take a deep breath. Go to God in prayer, because he is always there to listen.  Then find that sister-in-Christ to cry or vent to so that you can be encouraged and discover the God-given strength to begin again with a fresh focus.  Or BE that person for someone else, sharing kind words of cheer with others. It doesn’t have to be big! A phone call, a letter, a simple text, or a message to a friend letting her know you are praying for her. What may seem small to you, may mean the entire world to another. Just do it! Let’s allow God to work through us as we share His love and kindness with those we encounter throughout our day.  Sometimes all it takes is being an empathetic listener and reminding a friend of God’s constant presence and love.  Release into the sky an enormous bunch of beautiful balloons in the life of someone else! 

2 thoughts on “Fear/Anxiety: Release

  1. Sarah Wilson

    Thank you for the comparison to the game of life and to the feelings you get from venting. I feel I am can really relate to this.


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