November’s Theme: Forgiveness

What does it mean to forgive? If you google “Bible verses on forgiveness” you will find scripture after scripture on the topic. It is clear that God knew we would struggle with these feelings and need His help in overcoming them. But reading about forgiveness and the genuine act of forgiveness are two very different things. I encourage you this month to take time to dwell on our blog posts on this very emotional topic.  Examine your own heart on this very idea of genuine, Godly forgiveness. It isn’t just about saying “I forgive you.” The words alone are hollow. It is the heart that needs to feel it. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you’re happy, be sure to tell your face.”? I think this applies to this idea of forgiveness, but in the sense of,  “Be sure to tell your heart what your lips just said.” Harboring unforgiveness is a hopeless place to be. Giving authentic, heartfelt forgiveness is an incredibly freeing experience. But, as you probably know, it isn’t always easy. 

We look forward to sharing our stories on forgiveness this month. We pray that you continue to grow in your faith and in your relationships with Jesus and with each other as a result.

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