December’s Theme: Hope

Hope Is the Answer

December 2020… Yes, here we are!
The last nine months have been truly bizarre.

We’ve struggled with our health and the economy too.
Nothing is the “normal” that we once knew.

Everyone is feeling sad and quite down.
Hospitals are overcrowded & there’s violence in our town.

Things are changing, but one thing never does.
Our Holy God is a constant as the Bible says He was.

HOPE is the answer for God’s people right now.
We never need to worry- God has given us His vow.

God sent us His son Jesus by His saving grace…
To help us, to guide us, to love, and to embrace.

As this world ever-changes and shows us it’s decline,
We can hold on to God’s promise as a gift and as a sign.

A HOPE for our future – for everlasting life,
When Jesus comes again and takes away our strife.

So, in this Christmas season, when everything seems wrong,
Don’t despair, lift up your heart, let HOPE be your yuletide song.

Have HOPE for tomorrow, with Jesus as your guiding star,
For God is constant, loving, and with us wherever we are.

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