Do You Ever Just Lose Hope?

Stay with me here to the end of this piece…I feel compelled to share my heart when I was at my lowest point over this past month. I think it is so important to be honest with each other, sharing not only our highs, but sometimes being vulnerable and sharing our lows as well. We all have moments where we struggle with staying hopeful and this year was especially hard. We all have crosses to bear.  Just being reminded that you are not the only one feeling down about life or struggling, somehow helps create hope or encourages strength inside of ourselves to push through the darkness. 

On this particular day, I wrote….
“It is the Christmas Season and it should be a season of perpetual hope. However, I am feeling like it’s a continuation of a season of perpetual disappointment in some ways.”

“Lord, let good overcome evil and let the truth come to light. Amen” 

That’s been a family prayer for months. And I hope you will join me in that prayer. I know that He knows all, and that there is no way I can comprehend His plan. But in this particular moment, I felt broken and hopeless… feeling like so much hate, suffering, and evil surrounded me from every direction. In the past, normal everyday behaviors and freedoms are now limited and drastically-changing experiences.  Unthinkable scenarios are happening before my very eyes and it feels like I am helpless to do anything. At this point in time I wondered… where can hope be found? 

After being overwhelmed by these hopeless feelings, I heard a song the very next day that lifted me up and changed my perspective.  The lyrics in this song spoke directly to my heart.  

“Take Courage” 
Slow down, take time 
Breathe in He said
He’ll reveal what’s to come
The thoughts in His mind
Always higher than mine
He’ll reveal all to come

Take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting
Hold onto your hope
As your triumph unfolds 
He’s never failing

Sing praise my soul
Find strength in joy
Let His words lead you on
Do not forget 
His great faithfulness
He’ll finish all he’s begun 

-Bethel Music and Kristene DiMarco

I was then led to His words in Psalms 34:8-14 (NIV), which is where I found strength as Christmas drew near.  Turning my focus from the evil in this world and centering my thoughts on doing good works.  Seeking peace, joy, and comfort through experiencing and sharing Christ’s love. 

I always find that I experience more hope when I focus on bringing joy to others. Creating joy for others simultaneously brings joy to ourselves. This is a choice that takes courage and intention.  Choosing to share kindness and love will not only bring glory to our Father, but will also give hope to those who are also struggling.  I ask that Christ create in us a desire to continue on in our walk with Him, even when things look daunting.  Life may look bleak at this point in time, yet I hold onto the promise that He is right there beside me every step of the way.

May this song by Bethel Music and Kristene DiMarco move you to take courage, hold steadfast, and take comfort knowing He’s in the waiting. Have hope. 

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